About Us

What is Pharaoh Clinic?

It is established as a non-profit institute that provides useful and updated information about how to find the top rated drug rehab centers and alcohol addiction treatment in the US. All articles are read-proven by experts in the field of addiction treatment.

Who is behind Pharaoh Clinic?

A group of volunteers, among them are ex-sufferers from drug and alcohol addiction. We understand your situation as most of us here had this problem before. In fact, not being able to regain your life back is super tough and we understand what you have been going through. This leads to loose your self-confidence and feel like you are a loser.

What is the goal of Pharaoh Clinic?

We are deadly sick of all this overwhelming information about addiction treatment. It is deadly confusing how each commercial company tries to sell you their products without giving you any idea about the side effects of their supplements. Ask your doctor and he will tell you that, for example, these pills may work for somebody else but this does not lead to any commitment that this supplement will work for you too.

So, the content of this website is mainly divided into two main parts. The first part consists of several articles in English, where the content itself is gathered from world-wide health magazines like http://www.health.com/health/service/magazine. Yes, the information provided here can be found somewhere else, but through the whole web. On weekly basis, we update this website with the latest information about drug and alcohol addiction.

The second part is the top recommendation so far. Some of our loyal visitors are not only looking for useful and free information, but they look for the solution to rehab from their addiction issues. Therefore, based on personal experiences and 1000s of third parties reviews, we provide a monthly update about where to find the top rated treatment center near you. So stay tuned and do not forget to bookmark this site.

Who is the CEO of Pharaoh Clinic?

Jackie Jacobs | Create Your Badge

Jackie J. Jacobs

4817 Parkview Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Phone: 714-250-2807
Email Address: JackieJJacobs@dayrep.com