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Microphallus Treatment

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Although many men are not happy with the size of their male organs, some have much more extreme size issues. For instance, a man can suffer from a condition called micro-phallus. This is when the fully erect shaft is less than two inches in length and that is why 1000s of men are looking for how to naturally increase penile size.

Not only is it difficult for these males to pleasure their partners, but they often suffer from low self-confidence and find it hard to form lasting, intimate relationships with others. Dealing with this issue can be lonely, embarrassing and extremely challenging. Fortunately, however, there may be ways to effectively solve this problem without any high-risk solutions like pills, or surgery.


First Important Thing to Consider!

It is first important to determine why the individual has a smaller than average sized member. When it measures two inches or less, many medical professionals often consider this to be the result of congenital defects or hormonal imbalance, rather than due to genetics. For example, shortage of testosterone can lead to male enhancement problems. In some instances, however, the shaft may have suffered some form of trauma or injury in life that stagnated its growth. Yet, still in this case, penile lengthening and widening are still possible.

natural ways to enlarge penis girth

Understanding the underlying cause for your problem is crucial for identifying the right solution toward how to get more penis girth. If caught early enough in life, it may be possible to correct the growth pattern through the use of hormones, or special medications like extenze.

Micro-phallus is common among men who have insufficient levels of androgen hormones, particularly testosterone, at the onset of puberty. Not only do they have smaller than average shafts, but they may lack facial hair and other features that are characteristic of manhood. For instance, they might have softer skin, higher voices, few pubic hairs and minimal broadening of the shoulder. Regardless your case, a natural way to increase penile size is the best and safest way to go for.

In these cases, gender confusion is not unlikely. This is because people can wholly male sex organs at the exterior of the body, while having female attributes on the inside. Given that these features are not readily visible to the eye, diagnosing hermaphroditism or intersex is not always easy. More often than not, only at the onset of puberty will it be possible for medical professionals to learn whether or not these features exist. There are two parallel tracks; one is to balance your male hormones using medication. The other is to add some inches naturally using Pelvic floor muscle exercises without pumps.

For people who have formerly identified as being fully male, a failure to develop a robust sex organ during the pubescent stages of life can be disturbing. Learning that this could be caused by the presence of internal ovaries or uterus can be even more disturbing still. It is important to note, however, that those who are intersex tend to identify with one gender more than the other and the most functional set of reproductive organs will often be the primary determinant in how they self identify. Thus, although an intersex diagnosis may not seem ideal, it can open the door to an effective form of treatment and a much more enjoyable standard of living.


Other Aspects of the Penile Thickness Issue!

best way to increase penis size naturally

Many times, doctors will simply prescribe a course of hormones so that the male body can proceed with normal development. It may be beneficial to have any female attributes removed or to simply leave these in place. Most doctors will not proceed with invasive removal procedures unless these prove absolutely necessary for the success of the treatment and the long-term health of the patient.

Fortunately, there are many other far less extreme causes for micro-phallus. For instance, your baby-maker is comprised of erectile tissues that engorge with blood in order to create an erection. These tissues may not be fully inside of the penile shaft. Some may still be embedded in the interior of the body. Special exercises can be used to encourage these to come out, so that there is more erectile tissue to engorge, allowing for a far larger and much more impressive erection. That is why any natural way to enhance penile length is based on increasing the blood flow to your shaft as stated in


Last Recommendation!

Penile pumps can also prove to be effective treatments, but with side effects. It is important for men to note, however, that micro-phallus is not an extremely common condition and that this is different from simply having an average-sized or smaller than average sized shaft. If your organ is over three inches in length, especially when flaccid, this is a healthy naturally increase penis girthsize and there is much that can be done to lengthen it without having to rely on invasive surgical procedures.

While this remains true for those with extremely small organs, there is also the benefits of knowing that new innovations in the medical field have made it possible for urologists and surgeons to produce dramatic improvements in penile size through the inserts of devices called extenders and through other surgical, extension techniques. Yet, natural ways to increase penis girth offer permanent results but slow ones. That is why you should be patient but it is paid for itself since your will not suffer from any side effects.


Given that there are a number of reasons why small size issues can occur, it is vital for men to look for treatments that are best suited to their own conditions. Diagnosing this problem is often a journey of self discovery, which can be found here in this story about how to enlarge penis naturally. Finding an effective solution, however, can lead to increased confidence levels and an active and healthy social life.

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